About Taba

The story behind Taba

Taba was founded in May 2002. Back then we only had three milongas a week in Copenhagen. So Taba was created for the simple reason that we were four guys, who had a craving for tango Saturday night.

We had about 20 CD’s between us, which we found sufficient to entertain at a milonga for an evening. A very humble beginning.

We started at Cafe Ci Ci at Nordre Frihavnsgade. Back then all the existing milongas were closed for the summer. So, we decided to stay open so that the tango society didn’t have to shut down for a month or two. Unfortunately, the Cafe was sold within four months. And we were back on the street looking for a new location.

We moved to Nørrebrogade same year. We used the facility which belonged to a group of Flamenco dancers. The place was small, but charming. And if we could gather more than 25 guests we were very pleased with the evening.

However, after more than two years the room grew too small. But finding a new place Saturday night in Copenhagen was quite a challenge. We ended the lease before having a replacement. This was done to force our self to find a new place.

In the summer 2004 we took a chance and arranged three large milongas at Islands Brygge Kulturhus with live music and show. This was Taba’s biggest event so far. And we were very nervous about the outcome. But luckily enough, it was a great success.

We made a new arrangement with Kastanievej Efterskole to start up our milonga at their place from August, 2004. Now we were suddenly in possession of a very large milonga with room to spare. We are very pleased with facility. But every now and then we are forced to make way for some of the school activities during the year. We did our utmost to find an alternate place when that happen. First of all, we feel an obligation to offer the society a place to go an a Saturday. But also, on a more selfish level, we like to go out our self.

Then in 2009 we made a deal with Frøbels Seminarium. This was initially done not to replace Kastanievej, but a complement for those weekends were we must give way. However, we were able to get a fix lease at Frøbels. And we could get our own storage-room in the back for a fridge, dischwasher, etc. So we decided to move.

But nothing lasts forever. Two years later there was a flood. And the dance floor was ruined. Replacement of the floor was done. But it was replaced with a rubber-coating that was not going too well with our female guests. On top of that, Frøbels has been sold so we were out looking for a new place again.

Latest news is that we have made arrangement to move to “Kedelhallen” from September 2013. We are really looking forward to this transfer. First of all, it is a beautiful room with a high ceiling, good ventilation and a very nice wooden floor. And for us as organizers it is nice that they have a café in the house, which remove some of our workload. So come and see for yourself.