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The music in TABA is played by various DJs both from the local community and the invited guest DJs. In the majority, they play the traditional tangos from the Golden Age.

In the TABA Tango milonga you can meet our regular DJs

DJ Bjarki

It is a great pleasure to share the music, which I love to dance to. But it is also a craft. Each tango has its own unique personality. Each tanda has its own meaningful composition. The magic occurs when all is put together properly, at the right time and in the best sound quality. Then there are no other places, one could wish to be in

DJ Piotr

I debuted as Tango DJ in 2005 at milonga “Na Chlodnej” – one of the oldest milongas in Warsaw. Shortly after, I became a popular Tango DJ in the Warsaw tango scene. Since then I have been playing regularly in Warsaw and recently at milongas in Copenhagen.
My philosophy of being Tango DJ is to lead dancers through the music like through a story. There should be a place for energetic play, for drama, for romantic moments and occasionally for nice surprises. At the same time, the flow of the music should drive the change of the mood throughout the milonga.

My tandas are based on the well-known tangos coming from the Golden Decade. However, from time to time, I like to include real gems recorded in other periods of the Golden Age.

To contact me, please write at

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